Whispers, Faith and Truth

002As I try to walk in faith from afar I hear whispers trying to convince me I can not do it. As I continue trying I hear more whispers saying not to give up and that all will be ok. Something inside of me keeps pushing and trying to keep me on track as the world keeps trying to bring me down and stop me from walking in faith. Faith can not be shaken nor can it be defeated, It can only be abandoned by the person whom has it. These words come to me when I feel like there is no hope and when I feel my faith has left me. They remind me that God is always with me and that if it feels like he isn’t here it because I chose to ignore or close him out. Even if that choice was made inadvertently or through doubt and fear I was the one to fail.

Even when we don’t see, feel or know he is with us he is still next to us waiting for us to reach out to him. He is always waiting and reaching out toward us wanting for us to come to him. He waits hoping we will come out of the darkness and the storm and into his loving embrace. Of course there are other forces out there trying to pull us away from God, some of it is our own flesh, our ego and our selfish desires. But there are those whom watch and those whom try to sway us away from God and his everlasting love. They try to mislead us, deceive us and some are even wolves in sheep’s clothing. This is why you must be very cautious of who you listen to or follow when it comes to your religious beliefs for it is your soul that is on the line. Read the scriptures for yourself, do not blindly trust in the interpretation of others and seek the truth from the source, God.

For those who are spiritual leaders be careful of the advice you give and keep for you are responsible for the outcome. If you mislead others you will have that sin on your soul, especially if you do not correct the misleading. Be very aware of what you teach and make sure it is not in contradiction to what is written.

May God guide us all, and may your hearts be full of peace and God’s love.

Ray Barbier

Just some random thought on 2/25/2013

018 You are what you think you are, you choose what you are by the thoughts you hold on to in life. Even though the opinions, actions and words of others can have some effect on your self-worth, in the end it is your choice to give any external source the power to do so. You are the only one who can make yourself or break yourself in the end. Once you learn that you are in control of how you interact with others and how you view yourself and the world around you, you start taking control away from the external forces and utilizing your own power to make change within your self.

Even though you are an individual and are in control of your own life, you must be aware that you are also a part of the family of man and even the family of all living creatures on earth. How you act, what you say, do and don’t do or say can effect other living things around you. Be individually creative but be aware of your connection with the rest of the world for no person is an island unto themselves.

Just some random thought on 2/25/2013

Ray Barbier

It is the responsibility of every human being

DSC_0323bWhy is it to some of the wealthy, money is more important than the welfare of other human beings? Why is it there are some who have far more than they ever will need or want and they still want more, even if it is at the cost of others? Why is greed and the lust of power so strong yet compassion and charity seem to be so weak in those they can do the most to help? Seems the ever shrinking middle class and the lower-income people have more compassion and charity in them than any other income groups. Maybe because they know how close to being homeless and hungry they are and they can relate to the suffering and needs of others better than someone who has it all.

Seems the way the world works is the working class builds the economy and pays for it while the wealthy rake in all the profits and benefits. I don’t know if I can really blame them, living in such luxury and blind to most of what goes on outside their own world. We all seem to have that bubble universe mentality in a way, just now the bubbles of the middle class, working-class and impoverished are merging together as the wealthy class bubble rolls further away. To take care of those in need is not our government’s job though we tend to want them to take care of it, it is the responsibility of every human being be they are wealthy, middle-class or even poor. We all are charged with the duty of loving our brothers and sisters and taking care of each other.

We can not change the hearts of others without having a change of heart ourselves and being an example for those whom we desire to lead towards change. In the end though no one can make change within anyone except themselves. Change is a personal choice and isn’t something that can be forced if it is to be true and lasting change.

Ray Barbier

Originally posted on One Lifetime:

IMG_1077Sometime we tend to be our own worst enemy, we get wrapped up in what we think we want and neglect what we truly need. This seems to be the dilemma of humanity.  We are social creatures for the most art but it seems we have become more focused on our individuality than the group, clan or community. We forgot how to care and be part of a community and to work together. It’s all about taking care of ourselves and our own instead of we are all a part of an extended family. It’s all good to be an individual and to express such, but not at the expense of  loosing our connection from the great family of humanity.

We allow politics, religion, race, culture and many other things get in the way of being the great creation God made us to be. We as a species are capable of doing such…

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Originally posted on Transient Reflections:

Jesus is considered by scholars such as Weber ...

Live with Authority, speak in authority, do all you do with authority and for God. Be kind, live a kind life and be kindhearted for that is what God wants all of us to be. Love and live life in his love, love others through him and let them feel the love God has for all. Be rid of fear and do not spread fear for it is the work of the devil. Fear keeps us from serving God more than it does anything else. Spread the Gospel (Good News) so everyone can know of God’s love for us all.  Accept the gifts and blessings God give you and be thankful for all you have received.

God Bless you all.

Ray Barbier

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Originally posted on One Lifetime:

003Time to open you eyes, time to let go of what was and the things that shall never be. Most of what you want you don’t really need and probably would just bring you unhappiness in the end or just a short moment of joy that is hollow. Time to be appreciative of the things God has blessed you with, He has given you things that money, gold or Jewels could never get you. Love, Peace, Hope and last but not least his grace. He gave you a family, friends and another day for you to cherish them as well.

Time to put the fear away for faith is stronger and time to put away greed it only leads to the ruin of your life. Lust is just an perversion of love and is what has caused so many divorces, broken hearts and even some wars along the way. Selfishness…

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Originally posted on One Lifetime:

062Sometimes I get inspired to write, other times I just write for the sake of it. Either way I follow my own path and try not to do anyone any harm. I know not what my actual purpose is as of yet but I walk in faith the best a man can. I seek truth, knowledge and the wisdom they can contain. I try to share what I know as well as learn from the sharing I do. I try to be open-minded so I do not become someone unable to learn or grow. I try not to offend though sometimes there is no way to totally avoid it. I am who I am and that is all I can be, what I am becoming is what God has planned for me. So the path I follow may be my own but it is the path God has led me to walk at…

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