Thoughts on Love and Forgiveness

Rembrandt – “The Return of the Prodigal Son

Love, one of the greatest gifts and blessings God gave us. The love we have for family and friends and the love they have for us as well . The love for our fellow humans and the love we share with all those we interact with. So much we long for and desire, but Love is the grandest prize we can obtain and definitely the greatest gift we can give and/or share.

We were created in Love, we were saved by Gods love and we will in the end bask in his love. We should live this short life full of love and sharing it everywhere we travel. Forgiveness and Love are the two things we have the power to manifest and to spread wherever we go. We should love one another for it is commanded that we do so and it seems to be the most joyful thing we have to do in our lives. To forgive lifts the burden from both the one who forgives and the one that is forgiven.  Love  fills us with light and happiness.

Ray Barbier

Just a fool in search of becoming a sage

026 I lived an average life for the generation I lived in, I was Mr. Average and  done very little to leave my mark in the world. I had my share of enemies, most were not by my choice or by my making. I had a few good friends and most of them are gone or forgot who I am. The only thing in my life I can say was great was the few good friends I had and the family I was blessed to be born into. I was never blessed to have a family of my own, I failed in relationships a lot even when I poured my heart and soul into them. But you know I don’t really mind I haven’t had a spectacular or eventful life, I am just happy I have had one at all.

Just a fool in search of becoming a sage is what I have been and still am up to this day. Will I ever find my true path before my time is due is unknown. I just choose to be the real me and  live as peaceful and happily as possible. Forgiveness I pray will always be a part of my way of life and love will keep my heart full. For to hate someone or to hold anger is not something I find joy in nor is it a part of my true nature.

Follow the path set before you and do not veer from it unless you realize its taking you the wrong way. Be prevalent but not blind in the journey of life.

Ray Barbier

To forgive and forget instead of judging and condemning.

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

Sometimes we just forget that others have feelings, they have had good and bad experiences like ourselves. When we forget theses things we tend to be harsh judges of them and their character, we must remember no one is perfect  and every one suffers troubles in this world. Regardless if they are wealthy, poor, popular or the town outcast, they are all the same as you are. They are human, prone to mistakes and to making wrong choices.

So the next time you are condemning someone remember that person could have been you if you had made a few choices differently in your life. Sometimes one poor choice can cause you a lifetime of torment and  judgment by your peers. This is why forgiveness and compassion are important to our world and society, Jesus taught forgiveness and showed great compassion for those great and those that were seen as wretches and undesirables of his time. He was showing us the way we should live our lives, not in judgment of others but in love of others. To forgive and forget instead of judging and condemning.

The Sin is the Enemy of God not the Sinner. The sinner is a child of God like the rest of us, just lost and in need of fellowship, compassion and forgiveness. For we all are sinners and therefore have no right to judge.

John 8:7 –  So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.


Be at peace with the world and be of love within your soul

Gerard van Honthorst Adoration of the Shepherd...

Winter is just around the corner and the Christmas shopping season has just begun. Time to start shopping  for those gifts you will give to those you love. Remember it isn’t the price or size of the gift, it is more the love that is behind it. Christmas time is about Giving of love, for it is the celebrated day of the birth of Jesus our Savior and son of our god. God loved us so much he gave us his only begotten son as a messenger and as a sacrifice for our sins. So Christmas is not only the time to give and receive gifts it is also the time to give thanks and to appreciate the gifts God gave us, Our family and friends.

Be at peace with the world and be of love within your soul, Love one another for that is what Jesus taught. Forgiveness, Love and Understanding should be the theme of every Christmas we have.

God Bless and may you walk in faith.

Raymond Barbier

To all of you, Blessings and Peace.

010 To my friends I wish and pray for them to find happiness and peace in their life. I hope they will find forgiveness and know of its  power within their life. May they know love in its truest form and may they share and receive all the love they can. If I ever hurt one of them (being a human I know I have) I hope they can forgive me for my shortcomings and mistakes. If I helped any of them all I ask is they help someone out in their time of need. I wish to thank those who were there in the good times and stuck by me through the bad. Far as those who done me wrong, fret not for you are forgiven, for we are only human and we make wrong choices. May all of you live a long and happy life. For those who have passed away I hope you know I miss you all and pray you found peace.

God Bless you all, Friends, Family and even those who choose to be foes.

Ray Barbier

live peacefully and in happiness.

DSC_0337`Spring is struggling to come as the winter weather takes its time leaving. The cycles of the seasons remind me of how life goes through many seasons of its own. Good times, bad times, times of war and times of peace. We could be such a great race of human beings if we were to get beyond the superficial differences between us and see the common threads we have such as our desire to survive, to live peacefully and in happiness. We all want a better world for our children and their children as well but seems we don’t want to make the sacrifices nor put out the effort to make the changes necessary to make this world a better place. With obstacles such as governments that refuse to listen to their citizens and prefer conflict over diplomacy. War has no real use other than to lower the population, destroy both man-made structures and much of natures beauty and to feed the egos of those in power. Not to say we shouldn’t defend our borders if attacked but we should always seek out a peaceful solution first. We probably would have fewer wars if the Governments would work together to share resources and equal out the differences of economy through the world. This is not suggesting one world government nor a single currency, just that we truly work together for the good of all humanity not that of our own nation or region.

Just some silly thoughts that crossed my mind.

Ray Barbier

Whispers, Faith and Truth

002As I try to walk in faith from afar I hear whispers trying to convince me I can not do it. As I continue trying I hear more whispers saying not to give up and that all will be ok. Something inside of me keeps pushing and trying to keep me on track as the world keeps trying to bring me down and stop me from walking in faith. Faith can not be shaken nor can it be defeated, It can only be abandoned by the person whom has it. These words come to me when I feel like there is no hope and when I feel my faith has left me. They remind me that God is always with me and that if it feels like he isn’t here it because I chose to ignore or close him out. Even if that choice was made inadvertently or through doubt and fear I was the one to fail.

Even when we don’t see, feel or know he is with us he is still next to us waiting for us to reach out to him. He is always waiting and reaching out toward us wanting for us to come to him. He waits hoping we will come out of the darkness and the storm and into his loving embrace. Of course there are other forces out there trying to pull us away from God, some of it is our own flesh, our ego and our selfish desires. But there are those whom watch and those whom try to sway us away from God and his everlasting love. They try to mislead us, deceive us and some are even wolves in sheep’s clothing. This is why you must be very cautious of who you listen to or follow when it comes to your religious beliefs for it is your soul that is on the line. Read the scriptures for yourself, do not blindly trust in the interpretation of others and seek the truth from the source, God.

For those who are spiritual leaders be careful of the advice you give and keep for you are responsible for the outcome. If you mislead others you will have that sin on your soul, especially if you do not correct the misleading. Be very aware of what you teach and make sure it is not in contradiction to what is written.

May God guide us all, and may your hearts be full of peace and God’s love.

Ray Barbier

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