Glenn Beck’s E4 Experiences: is he the Oprah Winfrey of the right?

Worldview Weekend’s Brannon S. Howse posted an interesting article about the ongoing spiritualism of both Glenn Beck and Oprah Winfrey.

Recently, he stated that the reason that he became a Mormon is that he saw how great Mormon families are. He actually and specifically stated that in order to get that sort of family he was willing to, and this is a direct quote, “drink the Kool-Aid.”
In other words, his Mormonism is not about theology, not about whether it lines up with the Bible, nothing of the sort.
Also, since according to Mormonism Beck is, or will be, a god; it is no wonder that he is pushing the concept of “Yes I AM! Yes I Can!”

Now, I used to think that Glenn Beck either really knows what he is doing/saying or he has no clue. Yet, with the advent of his book, with Keith Ablow, titled The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life it is crystal clear that his theology is utterly un-, non-, and anti-, biblical. And while we knew this due to his being a Mormon, we now learn that he has concocted an universalistic new age-like syncretistic spirituality and is selling it, to Christians mind you, in the name of a generic “g,” “o,” “d” (and the question to ask him, as a Mormon, is, “Which one of yours inumberable gods?”).

glenn beck, mormon.jpg

For background and details, see Brannon S. Howse, Glenn Beck and Oprah Winfrey Launch New Age Programming for 2011

And listen to some of the radio shows in which he, at least, mentions the issue:

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