Activists find Unsustainable Seafood in Supermarkets

Across the country, hundreds of activists and Greenpeace volunteers have been scouring grocery stores for unsustainable seafood products in preparation for Greenpeace’s annual seafood scorecard release.U.S. consumers buy a large portion of their seafood from grocery stores, but companies like SUPERVALU (with banners like Bristol Farms, Albertson’s, Save-a-Lot and Cub foods) still lack a comprehensive sustainable seafood sourcing policy and are selling red list seafood that is overfished and caught with destructive practices. I visited two Bristol Farms locations, one in Beverly Hills and the other in South Pasadena. Both stores had multiple red listed fish products on their shelves. Doing detective work on endangered species, I felt like a spy uncovering illicit goods. But the mind-boggling part of the experience is that you don’t have to dig through mislabeled packages or read long ingredients lists – these endangered and unsustainable fish are in plain view. (Photo courtesy Alexis Soto)It’s pretty simple to find a list of endangered seafood. Not only can we use this to inform our purchasing practices, but we can also easily influence stores by speaking to the management and expressing our concerns. It’s important to remember that we fund them and they don’t exist without our support. We need to wake up before it’s too late and take endangered fish off our grocery store shelves.With the new Greenpeace scorecards coming out this month,grocery stores have the opportunity to implement sustainable seafood policies before their names are besmirched by the blood of orange roughy and Chilean seabass. Due to consumer pressure on these key issues, companies like Trader Joes,Whole Foods, Target and Costco have already improved their purchasing practices. Speaking to store managers and demanding sustainable seafood policies is a simple, quick way to spark meaningful change. Written by Paloma Henriques who works for Greenpeace in Los Angeles as a Frontline Team Leader. (Photo courtesy Lauren Macadaeg)


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