Tim DeChristopher Visits Michigan State University

Last week, Tim DeChristopher visited Michigan State University to share his story of bold action for the planet with student activists. This is what Leah Kelley of MSU Greenpeace said following his talk:

After hearing Tim DeChristopher speak at Michigan State University, audience members were left with an all-encompassing message: we are not alone in our fight against climate change.

DeChristopher had this in mind while he outbid oil companies on land parcels with money he didn’t have at an auction that would have led to great environmental destruction, but he never knew how much support he would have. “We need people to first have the shift in perspective to realize that people are going to come after us but we are not actually alone,” the activist said.

Michigan State has the largest on campus coal plant in the nation and efforts to move towards alternative energy have been slow-going. The event spurred talk about creative protests as well as pumped-up the Powershift-bound attendees.

“I’ve been looking forward to Powershift for months,” freshman and MSU Greenpeace Powershift Event Co-coordinator Natalie Davenport said. “This event tonight makes me all the more excited to grow in ways to come back from Powershift and take action in our community with MSU Greenpeace.”

Tim DeChristopher also spoke of the importance of we the people standing up against our government and questioning laws that we do not see the benefit in. “It’s not just about reducing emissions,” says DeChristopher. “There is a new challenge of holding on to humanity through whatever lies ahead.”

Thank you Tim for visiting Michigan State. And thank you to everyone standing up to fight for our planet! Now join Natalie and 10,000 others at Power Shift from April 15th – 18th. Register before the deadline on Friday. Onward.


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Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.

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