Thoughts on Forgiveness

Good Shephard

Self Forgiveness is one of the most important steps to happiness, to face the mistakes and wrong doings in one’s life is something we all must do. To look back upon those mistakes and to accept the responsibility of our actions.  Once we accept responsibility we must learn from those mistakes and/or wrong doings and forgive ourselves as well as move forward. To make mistakes and to make poor choices in our life is what humans do to learn and to evolve mentally if not spiritually.  As long as we learn from the mistakes and feel some remorse for the things we have done then it is time to forgive and forget so we can move forward in life.

From a Christian point of view we are forgiven our sins through the grace of Jesus but if we can not forgive ourselves or others how are we to expect such grace from the heavens?  If you believe in Christianity and the blood of Christ then you must forgive both yourself and others. Jesus taught forgiveness and compassion so we could learn the way to salvation. He would have not wasted his time teaching the lessons he did if they were not of importance. His death and resurrection were to be an example of how grand the love of god is as well as how important we all are as a species.

Forgiveness, Compassion and Love are universal and apply to both the one who gives them as well as the those who receive. Learn to forgive and not to repeat the same mistakes as well as teach others to do the same.


Well enough of my Babbling for now,Peace and Love be your guide through this world of chaos.

Ray Barbier


The Women Build experience — Habitat for Humanity, Int’l

The Women Build experience

By Seyller Robertson, Habitat for Humanity volunteer and Lowe’s employee

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This past week, women across the United States helped build more than 250 homes as part of National Women Build Week, which is sponsored by Lowe’s. Seyller Robertson is a Habitat volunteer in Charlotte, N.C.

Editor’s note:

Before I became a Lowe’s employee, I volunteered a few times on Habitat for Humanity builds. I enjoyed the experience. But since I only volunteered for a few days, I didn’t get to see the full impact Habitat has on our community.

Last year, I was privileged to be a leader for my company on a Women Build home. I got Lowe’s stores excited about participating and rallied them all the way to the build. It was really neat seeing my team members build a home right beside the woman and her family who were selected to receive it. The experience had such an impact on me because I had an opportunity to really get to know the woman, her mother and her three children.

Each day that I was there, I would speak to the grandmother of the family. She would tell stories about the great neighborhood that she was able to raise her children in. All this grandmother wanted was for her child and her grandchildren to have that same memorable experience of growing up in a safe, loving home. After several stories about gardening, childhood memories and family holidays in their home, I saw the whole picture. It’s not just about donating money because it’s the right thing to do. It’s caring about your community because you want your neighbors to have that same experience of raising a family in a safe and affordable home that you had.

I’m so privileged that my eyes were open to this experience. I’m proud that my company and Habitat help create the American dream for families in our communities.