Groggy thoughts before coffee… lol


Sometimes I can stare at the screen for hours and my mind stays blank, sometimes thoughts come flowing out like a river. Sometimes there is no one who can stop my serenity and other times the littlest thing can cause me to explode. Some days I am fearful and other there is no fear within me. In the end regardless of what emotion goes rampant in my head the logical and reasonable mind kicks in and restores the peace. The battle between reason, logic and emotions is one that has raged on since my birth, The mind usually wins but sometimes emotions become too powerful to contain. Maintaining a balance of the mind and heart is essential to a healthy life, yet its one of the hardest things to do at times. Writing blog posts is one of the ways I try to keep balance and seems to be quite therapeutic in the end. It helps me express my opinions, emotions and the real me few ever get to know.

If my blogs ever get popular or not isn’t something I worry too much about since they are already successful in the fact they have helped me be who I really am. Hopefully it has at least sparked a few ideas in others if not gave them some entertainment. Random as my thoughts are and as unstructured my writing style is, the blogs continue to grow in traffic.


Raymond Barbier


I still consider Overland, Missouri my one true home

018  Just chilling in my computer chair, feeding my addictions and listening to music from days gone by. Reminiscing and reflecting on the 44 years I have spent on this pretty blue rock traveling through space. Thinking about friends I have lost and those I have found. The many places I have lived and the many memories I have of the people I knew. I just pray that those I done wrong can forgive me and those I did right will remember me. Too many years have passed since the days of my youth and the friends that I will never forget. The summers walking all over town. I guess that the saying that you can take a person out of their hometown but you can never take the hometown out of that person is true. For no matter where I live I still consider Overland, Missouri my one true home. No matter how much its changed and even the fact it has become quite dangerous still doesn’t take my love of it away. The schools, the streets, the people and the memories will never fade from my heart or mind.

Raymond Barbier

Love – So sought out and so easily took for granted.

p10053 Love, Such an illusive emotion and such a powerful force. When you are within its warm embrace life is wonderful but when you wander away from it you feel the cold reality of life. Hard to find but so easily given away, impossible to capture but simply surrendered too. So many levels and so many depths, so fleeting yet so eternal. Not just a biochemical reaction and more than just a word. It is so grand you can not see its boundaries and it has no limits. So sought out and so easily took for granted. One of the greatest treasure one could find and the easiest one to give away.

Love has no prejudice, it comes to the rich, poor, powerful and the weak. Love humbles the strong and then it gives strength to the meek. Love has been blamed for the start of wars as well as bringing peace. Such a wonderful thing love can be and it still remains one of mankind’s biggest mysteries.



Love is the question and it is the answer as well.
Raymond Barbier

A price to pay when they misbehave

newprofilepic The years within a family unit is when children develop all their life skills, they learn their fears and learn how to relate to authority as well as peers.  In school they learn some of these skills but usually the main influence on their world view and their capabilities to relate with the world comes from their parents and siblings. This is why parenting is an important skill to learn and usually is learned on the job so to speak. Children have to learn that the world isn’t always fair and that to get something they have to either work hard to or trade something of equal value to get it. One of the most important rules of life they should learn during their childhood is that every they take has either a consequences or reward. Too much of the present youths out there today have little discipline nor do they have any idea about what consequences they may have to pay for breaking rules or laws. They usually learn too late and repeat the mistakes many times before figuring it all out.  As the bible says spare the rod and spoil the child, not that I am condoning child abuse or whipping a child to death but there has to be consequences to bad behavior or the child might grow up with some major issues. There are many non violent ways to teach them right from wrong and that there is a price to pay when they misbehave. What works for one child may not work for another and its one of those you have to figure out the best way for yourself kind of things.

I also find it kind of interesting that now most schools teach our children that there is no losers just the big winner and the next winner and so on. If they don’t learn to face that sometimes you just lose they will be quite emotionally challenged when they move out and have to face the real world. Losing teaches you how to be humble and it also builds character. It also makes most people want to try harder to succeed at the next try. But if there is no winner or looser then what is there to inspire them to try harder and soar higher in their lives? Yes it is not so fun loosing, I had to deal with that quite a bit through life but I also have experienced winning and usually it was because I was moved to do better by a previous failure. I think political correctness is becoming to important and we all are getting too carried away with it. Sometimes you hurt someone else’s feelings or they hurt yours, that’s part of life. The pain is short-lived and if you are fairly secure in yourself then you don’t let it bother you or slow you down. We should teach self-confidence and good self imagery in our school system and promote compassion towards others.


Just a few thoughts I had, right or wrong it is the way I see it.

Raymond Barbier

God does not create ugliness, he only creates things of beauty and purity.

eye  It seems the old dilemma of if one is good-looking or not still weighs heavy on our children and even some adults. We as a species are obsessed with physical beauty and perfection, this leads to so much self-esteem  / worth issues. God made us as we are and God does not create ugliness, he only creates things of beauty and purity. Mankind creates the ugliness in the world as well as the illusion that one body type or face type is prettier than another. Go made each one of us in his image, and god is not ugly so neither is any one of us. Yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder so we may find one type more attractive than another. The problem is in modern society we are bombarded with what someone else believes is pretty, sexy or perfect so much that we can not have our own version of what is hot or not. I guess even before television and photography there was some worries about such things as physical beauty but it wasn’t so wide-spread and usually didn’t cause so much low self-esteem / worth.  We seem to get so hung up on what other people think about our appearance and about us as an individual and this keeps us from accepting ourselves as we are. What other people think may matter, but only to a small degree. What we think about ourselves is what really matters in the end. For physical beauty fades with time but inner beauty and our personality is what remains basically the same throughout life. The truth is that not everyone will think you are physically attractive or like you, but those who matter will and that is what counts. One person may think your ugly but the next may think you’re the best thing since sliced bread. So don’t fret over what others think about your appearance or if they like you are not. Just worry about what you think about yourself and try to live happily. Teach your children to love and accept themselves for who and what they are. Teach them to think good about themselves and not to worry about the opinions off others.






“God made you, so you must be beautiful and a great person.”

Raymond Barbier.


God Bless…..