They have no fear of their parents or respect for others

040 Why does it seem some people find pleasure in causing others pain, embarrassment or emotional distress? Could it be they are suffering in some way and it lessens their pain to share it? Or maybe they think by bullying other people they avoid being bullied themselves? So many reason why someone could desire to cause suffering on another. What is a victim of bullying supposed to do to deal with the bully? Fight back? well it works sometimes but it is usually something to avoid in the long run due to the possibility you may get hurt quite bad. Where does the real problem lie? within the bully, the victim, the society we live in or just the lack of compassion in our children? Well I think there is some truth to each of them, the bully needs discipline and probably some anger management while the victim usually needs some self-esteem boosting along with maybe some defense classes. Society needs to be less apathetic about the problem and more enthused in correcting it. And we all could learn to have more compassion. Obviously there is something going on with our children, they are becoming more violent and less obedient. The bad part is some children nowadays are even bullying their own parents, there is no way I would have even back talked my parents nor even think about bullying them. They would have tanned my hide so bad I wouldn’t have sat down for a year. I guess they have no fear of their parents or respect for others anymore. Now there are some really good kids still out there and that I am glad to see. Where all the anger and violence is coming from is an answer I will leave to the professionals. How to solve the problems with bullying is something that will take a multi faceted approach. Maybe some psychology or sociology major will figure out the answer. Till then All I can do is pray that no child will commit suicide before we fix this ever-growing problem within our modern society.

First step in finding an answer is knowing what the question really is.
Raymond Barbier.


Published by

Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.

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