Just another Sunday Rant from a working man.

040 So many distractions from the important things of life, too many people trying to tell you what is wrong or right. Too many get rich quick programs being pushed on the poor and the only ones getting rich are the ones pushing the programs. Good food is more expensive than the unhealthy prepackaged foods. The wealthy are the only ones now days who can afford to keep healthy. Insurance rates still climb and the coverage keeps getting less and less. Polar bears and many other animals are facing extinction due to the warming of our planet. A few species of animals are actually coming back due to the climate change as well. Politics fill the air waves more than any other news because of the upcoming elections.

063 Our governments are loosing sight of the important issues at hand and can not seem to break away from their partisan political agendas. The governments of the world need to focus on the ecology, economy and alternative renewable energy sources. They need to cut spending but not put all of the burden on the less fortunate and elderly. Far as governmental regulation of businesses, it wouldn’t be necessary if the big businesses would worry more about making affordable quality products than about their profit margins. If the big corporations would actually play fair and by the rules then there wouldn’t be anything to regulate. A fair tax system along with the removal of all the fringe benefits of being a federal government employee would help save a lot of money. Maybe the congress needs to work for minimum wage and pay the same for insurance and face the same tax rate as an average person, then maybe they might be able to relate to the working class.

049As I have said many times before, I find it very funny how quick our congress jumps at cutting social security, Medicaid and Medicare  and they never even think about cutting their benefits and retirement from the congress. They seem to forget where all the money comes from, how the working class along with the retired workers are the ones who have and still do foot the bill  for everything.

Just another Sunday Rant from a working man.
Raymond Barbier


Embrace that spirit of hope

p10329 We tend to look outwardly for our happiness, love and for acceptance. God gave us all the tools within us to be happy, love and be loved. Pretty much anything we need to be or do is within our own selves, God gave us everything within, it is only the matter of having the faith to utilize what we have been blessed with. We can not find happiness from an outside source if we can not even embrace the happiness god gave us within. It is hard to love anyone or anything if we can not embrace the love God gives us deep inside. Once we learn to have faith in and embrace the gifts god planted within our souls we then will not worry about acceptance because we know we belong to God. As long as we don’t allow the distractions on our modern lives to get in the way and we don’t fall to the spirit of fear we shall live a happy and successful life. We must embrace that spirit of hope and the sound mind God blessed us with. We can not allow those in this world who try to make us believe we are hopeless or condemned without salvation. They wish only to drag you down with them, we shouldn’t have hatred for those people for we should pray for their souls and show them the compassion we are taught by Christ‘s teachings.

Look within yourself for the blessings god blessed you with and do not fall for the traps of our modern world.
Raymond Barbier