A kindhearted, compassionate and understanding person.

HPIM0327 So much hatred and mistrust in our world, So little time given to peace, love and the welfare of others. Politicians play mind games with the public and with themselves. Media spin put on everything for the sake of ratings. Money seems to be all that matters to most people and the self is elevated over God and his teachings by many. The people of the world are starving spiritually for gods love. Religious leaders rather preach against other denominations of their own faith or against other religions than teach peace and tolerance. The governments need to wake up, they need to take care of the needs of their citizens and stop their political battles. Religious leaders need to teach peace and tolerance and compassion for all of humanity. Big business needs to learn how to make their profits without hurting the average Joe who works for them and the consumer who are the source of their wealth. People need to Feed their Spiritual self and focus on God more than they do.

Only in a perfect world would all of things be true, but alas we live in an imperfect world. We still can strive for a better world and we can work on being better individuals. As long as humanity is weak against greed,lust of power and selfishness we will have problems within our world. We should do our best in our lifetime to be a kindhearted, compassionate and understanding person. We only live a short time on this planet so we should try to make it a peaceful and pleasant experience for everyone.


If love, peace and understanding were our guides through life then the world would be a better place to live.

Ray Barbier


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Thank you god for all the blessings you have given me in my life.

009Sometimes I could just slap myself in the face, I need it to wake me up and remind me of how God blessed me. I may have been denied the blessing of my own children, but I have been blessed with nephews and nieces both by marriage and blood. I was blessed to be a part of my nephews life and watch him grow up to a teen, I am currently blessed with having a 6-year-old niece and get to help raise her on the weekends and most of the summer. I may not have many friends like I used to but those who stuck with me are true ones. There is not one person I truly hate or can not forgive in time, not one of the past loves I had, do I hold anything against them and most of them are still my friends.

God blessed me with a kind heart though sometimes I let stress and frustration to get the best of me, God gave me a good family to grow up in even with all our problems we love one another. I have good memories of my youth in Overland Missouri and of the friends I had along with my time in Georgia. I had ran my own business twice in my life and now I have a job I like for the most part. I have made some new friends and they embellish my life in their own unique ways. Even through some of the worst times in my life I survived and had friends offer me a helping hand. Thank you god for all the blessings you have given me in my life.

Pray in thanks for your blessings and ask him to help you remember those blessings when times are tough.
Ray Barbier

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Your greatest teacher is your own self

bnf0427 I am no wise man,saint or anyone beyond average, I only write out of my heart and because of my joy in writing itself. I don’t claim to be an expert nor that I am even remotely close to be right. I only claim what I write is what I feel and think to be true. Think for yourself, be yourself and don’t follow, lead. Be wise enough to know that your greatest teacher is your own self.

Be true to yourself and your feelings, be either a leader or a self guided force in life. Let no man or woman mislead or distract you from your chosen path.
Ray Barbier

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We look right over the object of our true desires

012Sometimes we search high and low, near and far to never find that we seek.
Sometimes we look right over the object of our true desires because we are blind.
Sometimes we get lucky and what we seek falls into our laps, but that is very rare.
Most of the time what we seek we already have, we are just to busy looking to notice.
Most of the time if we just tend to our own garden we will see beautiful flowers in our own yard.

The Grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence because its better, Its greener due to all the hard work our neighbor put into it.
Ray Barbier

Tell your dad how much you love him and give him a hug

My Father SFC Stephen M BarbierFathers Day is around the corner and the memories of my late father come rushing in. All the good times and even some of the not so good times. But all of them are memories I cherish and try to remember and learn something new from if I can. I am not blessed with a child of my own but I do have nieces and nephews and try to be a good example to them. This fathers day remember to tell your dad how much you love him and give him a hug. For those like me that their fathers have passed try to be the best dad or Mom you can and remember the lessons learned from the memories of your father.




Happy fathers day to all you dads out there.
Love you Dad. Keep watching over Me and my Brother.

Ray Barbier

Live in the now, in the present and put the past behind you

018What might have been, what could be, what if I did it different, what if I am wrong? All these doubtful thoughts only keep you from living the life you have chosen and the life you are blessed with. You can not change the past so the what if’s are useless in the end. If you question your every choice you never stand a chance to experience the results of those choices. You will be consumed by the doubt and the fear you chose wrongly. If you chose right or wrong will eventually be revealed to you so don’t worry so much about it and try to enjoy the moment you live in. Stop living in memories and the possibilities of the past that no longer exist. Live in the now, in the present and put the past behind you as well as your fear of the future. What has happened has come and past as what will happen is going to happen when its time. Spend more time seizing the moment instead of regretting past mistakes or fearing future mishaps.

Now is the greatest time in your life, yesterday is a memory that you should put away and tomorrow is something you should let come in its own time. So live in the now and celebrate it for its called the present because it’s a gift to us all.
Ray Barbier