Thoughts on Fear

Scared child

Fear, the enemy of peace, love and a sound mind. Fear is the seed that can grow into a plethora of negative emotions and actions. Fear consumes us and fogs our minds so we can not apply logic to a situation. Though fear has its place but it is not an emotion that should last any length of time, it should only be present in times of true danger or threat. Constant fear created paranoia and leads to anger or erratic behavior. The question is how can one rid themselves of the unwanted and unnecessary fear in our life. Some of it can be dispose of simply by choosing not to allow it to control you or the situation you’re in. But there is some fear that is very hard to get rid of due to the fact it has been drilled into you and embraced for so long it has its roots into every part of your being. It still can be removed but it is a long and tedious task. Some fear can be overcame by facing it and / or coming to realize the fear is unwarranted.



Many fears we face are created by our imaginations, fear of the unknown or the uncontrollable. Others are caused by exaggerations of situations or from experiences that happened to us from years ago. A positive mindset is a good shield against fear as well as a tool to help overcome fear. Even though fear is a primal instinct it is still controllable and can for the most part be either suppressed or turned off in some cases. A well focused and tranquil mind usually keeps fear in check. Meditation, Yoga, physical and mental exercises are good ways to strengthen the mind and spirit against negative emotions.


Sometimes diet can play a part in combating negative emotions, the mind works best when fed the right nutrients.
Raymond Barbier

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Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.

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