Some really Random thoughts :-)

003Live life with joy, worry not about things you can not change. Live not in the past for it only makes you miss things in the present. Life not in the future for it makes you lose sight of what matters now. Worry not about trying to change the one you love for the only one you can change is yourself. Love the one your with unconditionally and try to be the person you wish they would be. For we lead by example and tend to receive the same as we give in a relationship. Learn to forgive the one you love and your own self for we are all human and therefore we all make mistakes and poor decisions at times. Stop looking at the grass on the other side of the fence, usually it is full of crab grass. Mind you own lawn and tend it well, then you will have the greenest grass. Love relationships – Some assembly required and a lot of work is necessary. Celebrate life each day and stop worrying about death for life is what matters. Forgive and forget for the only one who is hurt by carry a grudge is the one who bears its weight. Judge not others and if you must then do it with great compassion for how you judge others is how you will be judged as well. Stop worrying over getting the newest and the fastest and learn to appreciate that you already have. Think twice before speaking and three times before acting upon your thoughts, for there is reward in being thoughtful and cautious. Do not think yourself as better or lesser than another human being for we all are born in the same way, we all strive to be happy and have potential to be more than we can imagine. Do not fall to greed for material wealth may make life seem easier but all your possessions and money are nothing compared to friendship, fellowship, family and love. A poor person can love, be loved, be happy and make a difference in this world just as well as someone who is rich.

What makes a good person good is not possessions, wealth or popularity, it is what is in their heart and how they treat others.

Ray Barbier


With God no challenge is impossible to meet.

03.365 (02.08.2009) FaithWhen you stand against your weakness and sin it seems victory may be an impossible goal. When you stand alone facing it all, you are fighting a lost battle. When you face it with God no challenge is impossible to meet. Through God’s strength there is nothing one can’t do if they have faith. Faith isn’t just going to church and praying, it is the full hearted belief in God and his promises. A half-hearted faith is not a true faith, though any amount of faith is better than none at all. Pray for the will of God to be done in your life and surrender to his will so you can do his bidding. Serve God, not your own ego and your own desires. Hard it is to put the self aside but it isn’t an impossible task.



We need to remember where our strength comes from and from whom are help comes from. We need to give thanks not only for the blessings we have but for those we are yet to receive.

Ray Barbier

Memories, Past regrets , future fears and living in the now.

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Memories of past loves, childhood friends, past places of residence and the schools you’ve attended are memories that will last. The friends you’ve kept through the years are the ones that know who you really are and love you no matter what. The past loves that you hurt and that hurt you made you stronger and taught you how not to be.  All the pieces of your past helped mold you into the person you are today. The things we held on to that does us harm or causes us pain need to be released and put behind us so we can grow and so we can heal.


The past though useful to recall is meant to stay in the past and the future is meant to stay in the future till it becomes the present. We only need to learn from our past and hope for the future as we live in the here and now. The here and now, the present time we exist is the most important time in our life because it is now that we can change ourselves and the circumstances we currently face.



The past has past us by, the future is ever illusive for it never will come and the present is all we really have. Live in the now, do not waste the present on regret of the past or on the fear of what may come.

Ray Barbier

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it’s the quality of the family and friends you have

MP900442811Through ones lifetime we are born into a family, obtain friends and colleges and form a family of our own. The family we form on our own is composed of our life partner, our children and the close friends we have made and kept throughout our lives. Many times we tend to take all of them for granted, forget to show them appreciation, love and compassion. Our friends and Family are what gives us strength and what keeps us rooted when times are tough and when times are good. Without them we would be a solitary and lonely being which would find unhappiness as our daily companion. I have met many of people who claim they do not need family and / or friends in my life and usually either they do have one or the other and when they are unfortunate enough to not have either they become bitter, lonely, depressed and have a hard time dealing with this world and all of its realities. Of course there are the exceptions to the rule and I have met one or two who seem fine, but who knows what goes on in their minds.

dd43853 It isn’t the quantity of family members or friends that matters it’s the quality of the family and friends you have. I have noticed the better you treat them the better they become and the more they are a part of your life. So we should always try to be the best friend and family member we can and treat those that are our family and friends as the treasures they are to us. When you lose a good friend to death or to life’s circumstances you will notice a hole in your life, it may not be immediately but down the line you will. I have lost several to death so far and even those friends that were distant or that I haven’t seen  for a long time still are a part of who I am and a part of my heart.

Lately I have been gaining new friends both in the real world and on the internet through blogging and social networking. Both are just as real as the other and mean just as much as one another as well. The greatest treasures in my life are my family and my friends, even those friends who chose to forget me or to move on are still jewels in my treasure and will remain so till it is my final time to rest. So god bless my family, friends and all those in between.

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