Random Saturday morning Thoughts -10/20/2012

IMG_1389 Why are you so angry? Did someone hurt you so bad you can not let go of the hurt? Have you found yourself in a place in your life you feel like there is no hope and your lashing out at everyone else because you feel helpless? Do you feel like life is unfair and there is nothing you can do to be happy?

Forgive others, forgive yourself and let go of the pain within you so you can find peace and happiness. The anger you hold within is hurting you far worse than it is anyone else. Face the mistakes you have made and overlook the mistakes of others because we all make mistakes in life. Give up on the hopelessness you unintentionally cling to and embrace the possibilities and hope of the future. The past is gone, today is the canvas of tomorrow and you are the artist with the brush. Don’t give others the power to hold you back or hold you down, don’t allow others to affect your emotional or mental state anymore. Be positive for your self and towards others, get up and live life and stop wallowing in the shadows of yesterday.

The only one who can get you out of this negative mental state you’re in is yourself, it may take some hard choices but in the end everything will work out if you put your heart and mind into it.


Random Saturday morning Thoughts 10/20/2012


we can not achieve perfection by any means

2Perfection, something many strive for but none truly ever reach. The illusion that we can achieve some form of perfection is nothing but a vicious trap. The more we work to be perfect the more we seem to find fault in ourselves. There is no man or woman who can achieve perfection and to try is to waste precious time and energy. We can achieve great and miraculous things but we will have many mistakes involved in the process. Mistakes and faults are what makes us who and what we are for through them we learn and grow spiritually. I believe many are perfectionists out of their fear of failure or some kind of desire to be accepted. Many overachievers and perfectionist are driven by the dreams and expectations of their parents, partners and peers. They haven’t realized that the only dreams and expectations they need to worry about is their own. God has given each of us talents and gifts and a purpose for them. We should be concerned about What god wants and set goals by what we know we can achieve. To set too low or too high of goals for our abilities is only setting us up for either failure or wasting of the talents and gifts God has given us.

Through God and Jesus we can achieve anything that is within the will of God. God knows we are not perfect and that we can not achieve perfection by any means on our own. So why should we expect perfection of ourselves or others if God doesn’t expect it of any of his children? God only expects us to do our best and to do it for his glory. So give up on perfection and embrace the idea of doing the best you can and for the Glory of God. In the end God and Jesus are the ones that matter the most in life.

 The hardest part of following God’s Will is the part where we have to surrender our will and give up our own selfish desires. Putting God before everyone and everything else.

Ray Barbier.