Transient Reflections

Jesus is considered by scholars such as Weber ...

Live with Authority, speak in authority, do all you do with authority and for God. Be kind, live a kind life and be kindhearted for that is what God wants all of us to be. Love and live life in his love, love others through him and let them feel the love God has for all. Be rid of fear and do not spread fear for it is the work of the devil. Fear keeps us from serving God more than it does anything else. Spread the Gospel (Good News) so everyone can know of God’s love for us all.  Accept the gifts and blessings God give you and be thankful for all you have received.

God Bless you all.

Ray Barbier

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Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.

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