The Barbier Family Blog was created in memory of my Father  Stephen M. Barbier and since has been an outlet for thoughts and ideals he helped to inspire in me. Though he would not have agreed with all the posts he wold have definitely supported my rights to express my opinions and views. My father was born outside St. Louis Missouri into the family of Jean and Marge Barbier. He had one Sister Sandra and several Half Brothers and a Half Sister. He had two sons by Gloria J. Bartlett Barbier . The oldest son James M. Barbier and The youngest Raymond J. Barbier. Our Family moved around a bit in life, we lived in Skokie Ill. for several years and lived at 9001 Meadowbrook Lane in Overland Missouri for about 15 years in the 70’s / 80’s and eventually moved to outside of Atlanta Ga.

Since his death both James and Gloria are still living in Atlanta Ga. and  Raymond moved to South Eastern Ky.

Stephen’s siblings still reside in or near the St. Louis County Area.


Happy Reading and Thank you for visiting our little blog.

The Barbier Family.


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