3D worlds and more

Well today I am going to promote an 3D environment I build in all the time, it’s called Active Worlds. Active Worlds has been around since the 90’s and has come along way since then. Here is a brief description from their about page.Logo Active Worlds 5.1

Activeworlds hosts a Universe of over 1000 3D virtual reality worlds. In these worlds you can choose from a vast array of avatars that fit your personality (or your perceived personality – that’s half the fun!). You can then move about, play online games, shop and make friends with people from all over the planet. You can even stake claim to a piece of land and build your own virtual home, mansion, estate or castle! If you like to travel, there is plenty to explore.

You can even purchase your own world, galaxy and universe to build within. If your into 3D reality then this is the place to go see.



Keeping faith, Update on Trish’s Cancer… zenker’s diverticulum not cancer (good News)

Trish update: not cancer it is zenker’s diverticulum (a small hernia like pocket in the muscular wall of the esophagus by the larynx fixable by a few stitches) So A grand blessing. I want to thank every one for their prayers and good thoughts / support. 🙂

Keeping faith, Update on Trish’s Cancer… Possible Good news.

p10328update: possibly it is not a tumor, ultrasounds don’t show conclusive. Waiting on Cat scan results. Keep your fingers Crossed and Prayers coming. BTW thanks to all the support from my Friends. Trish sends her thanks too. Well the next update wont be until Monday. Then we should know for sure.

How The Web Killed SOPA and PIPA | TPM Idea Lab

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How The Web Killed SOPA and PIPA | TPM Idea Lab