Focus on the future, be the example of what you want your children to become

HPIM0578.JPGIt seems hatred, anger and mistrust in our world is coming to an all time high. Riots that are born out of peaceful protest spring up more often than not. This world seems to be very short of such things as  forgiveness and understanding.  Anger has its place and time but is only meant to be a short-lived release of tension and feelings of injustice or inequity. Let the anger out and learn to be forgiving to others for no one person is perfect in action or thought. The understanding that we all feel such things as fear, oppression and injustice in our lives, no one is without negative thoughts or negative experiences. The only difference between people is the way they learn to overcome the obstacles in our life. Some chose a constructive way to enacting change and others chose a destructive way.

Both may get the job done, and some believe the destructive way gets results faster, this may be the case but you must realize that the changes brought about in such a way usually wind up temporary or not what changes that one would want.  A constructive approach to change may be slower but usually creates a more permanent change that is more acceptable to all parties. Compromise should never be left out of a solution, for a give and take attitude usually benefits both parties more so than a one-sided solution.

There is no reason that a species such as humanity couldn’t find a way to exist in peace. Regardless of our differences in beliefs and differences in our culture , we all are human beings and we all want to live happily and wish for a better world for our children.  The children are our priority as a species and should be the first priority. How we act, what we say and do is what they learn from. If we show them that we can not learn to live with others in peace and that war, anger and hatred is how to deal with the world around us, then they will follow the same footsteps as us and teach the same to their children as well.

It is time for all of us adults to think before we act or speak, we are not only affecting ourselves, we are setting the pattern of behavior for our children to follow. What we do here and now not only affects today but it will play a good part in how the future will play out for our children and those to come after them.


Focus on the future, be the example of what you want your children to become and remember this world is only on loan to our generation until the next generation comes of age.

Raymond Barbier


Without the initial spark we will never see a flame.

EarthOnce I had a person say they wished they could change the world, though that is an admirable goal it is one most would find impossible to carry out. Though it seems like something that is near impossible there is always a possibility one person can change the world or at least the way the world thinks. We have seen in history great statesman, politicians , religious leaders and visionaries make considerable changes in the world and in the minds of the people. One voice can make a difference, all change starts within  ourselves and then it radiates outward towards all around us. How we act, react and what we say has a large impact on our world even if it’s in a small way or localized area. If that one voice inspires others to join in then change begins to expand and can enact a change globally. In a nut shell it takes someone to start a movement for change in order for change to come about. Without the initial spark we will never see a flame. Become what you  believe we all should be like, live by example and then others will follow suit. To preach of a peaceful world or life but be in turmoil yourself is self-defeating. Lead and live by example and make change happen if not in the world at least in your part of it. Be an  agent of change and not  an inactive bystander in life.

This world needs more free thinkers, visionaries and promoters of peace and compassion.

Raymond Barbier

A New day, another chance to live


A new day has dawned only to reveal another chance to live my life in peace and with love and happiness within my heart.  Another chance to live with understanding and compassion towards all living things. Though the pitfalls and shortcomings within my personality and nature will be here as usual to give challenge and be as obstacles to living this day in the way I wish.

Good intentions are many, but to actually put forth the effort to live in the fashion chose is no easy task.  With both the internal struggle and the opposing forces outside of myself to overcome it is never an easy task.  But alas, no man is perfect and I myself am aware of my many faults. I shall go forth and try to live as I desire, a peaceful and caring individual whom seek only to live in peace.

The first step of a journey is the hardest one to take and is also the most important. Without the first step there would be no journey at all.

Ray Barbier

live peacefully and in happiness.

DSC_0337`Spring is struggling to come as the winter weather takes its time leaving. The cycles of the seasons remind me of how life goes through many seasons of its own. Good times, bad times, times of war and times of peace. We could be such a great race of human beings if we were to get beyond the superficial differences between us and see the common threads we have such as our desire to survive, to live peacefully and in happiness. We all want a better world for our children and their children as well but seems we don’t want to make the sacrifices nor put out the effort to make the changes necessary to make this world a better place. With obstacles such as governments that refuse to listen to their citizens and prefer conflict over diplomacy. War has no real use other than to lower the population, destroy both man-made structures and much of natures beauty and to feed the egos of those in power. Not to say we shouldn’t defend our borders if attacked but we should always seek out a peaceful solution first. We probably would have fewer wars if the Governments would work together to share resources and equal out the differences of economy through the world. This is not suggesting one world government nor a single currency, just that we truly work together for the good of all humanity not that of our own nation or region.

Just some silly thoughts that crossed my mind.

Ray Barbier

Random Saturday morning Thoughts -10/20/2012

IMG_1389 Why are you so angry? Did someone hurt you so bad you can not let go of the hurt? Have you found yourself in a place in your life you feel like there is no hope and your lashing out at everyone else because you feel helpless? Do you feel like life is unfair and there is nothing you can do to be happy?

Forgive others, forgive yourself and let go of the pain within you so you can find peace and happiness. The anger you hold within is hurting you far worse than it is anyone else. Face the mistakes you have made and overlook the mistakes of others because we all make mistakes in life. Give up on the hopelessness you unintentionally cling to and embrace the possibilities and hope of the future. The past is gone, today is the canvas of tomorrow and you are the artist with the brush. Don’t give others the power to hold you back or hold you down, don’t allow others to affect your emotional or mental state anymore. Be positive for your self and towards others, get up and live life and stop wallowing in the shadows of yesterday.

The only one who can get you out of this negative mental state you’re in is yourself, it may take some hard choices but in the end everything will work out if you put your heart and mind into it.


Random Saturday morning Thoughts 10/20/2012

A kindhearted, compassionate and understanding person.

HPIM0327 So much hatred and mistrust in our world, So little time given to peace, love and the welfare of others. Politicians play mind games with the public and with themselves. Media spin put on everything for the sake of ratings. Money seems to be all that matters to most people and the self is elevated over God and his teachings by many. The people of the world are starving spiritually for gods love. Religious leaders rather preach against other denominations of their own faith or against other religions than teach peace and tolerance. The governments need to wake up, they need to take care of the needs of their citizens and stop their political battles. Religious leaders need to teach peace and tolerance and compassion for all of humanity. Big business needs to learn how to make their profits without hurting the average Joe who works for them and the consumer who are the source of their wealth. People need to Feed their Spiritual self and focus on God more than they do.

Only in a perfect world would all of things be true, but alas we live in an imperfect world. We still can strive for a better world and we can work on being better individuals. As long as humanity is weak against greed,lust of power and selfishness we will have problems within our world. We should do our best in our lifetime to be a kindhearted, compassionate and understanding person. We only live a short time on this planet so we should try to make it a peaceful and pleasant experience for everyone.


If love, peace and understanding were our guides through life then the world would be a better place to live.

Ray Barbier


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Ramblings of a Middle Aged Average Joe

007-2 Social Unrest in the Middle East and North Africa, Earthquakes, Tsunamis and threat of an nuclear meltdown in Japan. Anchovies and sardines dying is the millions in a San Francisco harbor. The honey bee population dwindling and still no explanation as of why they are dying off. Something seems out of balance, change is coming to our world and it isn’t looking too good to me. Change is unavoidable and paying for our neglect / disrespect towards our home plant earth. Greed and lust for power outweighs the welfare of mother earth and those who live on it. The Select or Elite rule our world and care little about anything but their own gain while the masses stand by watching it all fall to pieces before them.

Violence is not the way for change though it is an unfortunate reality in our world. War and violence is a necessary evil at times to keep the balance in our world. Peace, love, understanding and cooperation are the best ways to enact change. Also Truth is a great igniter of change, for knowledge and truth are the building stones for a better world. The fact we all are responsible for this world we live in and we must find better ways to do so. Better ways to generate electricity and an alternative to Oil.

Oil, coal and natural gas will eventually become depleted and the pollution from their use will further damage our environment and also our economy. The world needs to wake up and see the wisdom in both renewable fuel sources and power sources like solar wind and hydro. Our children and grandchildren have to live in this world we leave them, so we should try to leave them with a Ecofriendly and wiser world. The fact that eventually oil sources will become scarce and depleted brings to light we need to have an alternative fuel source to avoid possible wars over the dwindling supply.

There is so much we need to change in the world and in the way we both view and live in it. It is going to take the effort of governments, businesses and the civilian  population to make the changes needed to get our world on the right track. There will have to be some sacrifices in the process but so many benefits will be found along the way. Nothing of great value is ever gained without hard work and sacrifice, Neither does any good deed done go without an award in the end. Even if our labor and sacrifices don’t bring forth fruit until several generations it will still be worth the effort.

The good thing about truth, love, peace, understanding and change is that they all can start in one person.  Just like one seed can grow a orchard if not a forest  , one persons voice can become a nations or even the worlds in time.

Well enough of my tree hugging ramblings for now.
Peace to all

Raymond Barbier