Be a dreamer, free thinker and free spirit

011living in large  communities and in this so-called modern civilization we are subjected to constant ridicule and supposed social enormities we must follow and conform to in order to be happy or successful. They want us to believe we must conform and obey the social rules of normalcy in order to be happy and a part of the society we live in. Seems to be a dreamer, free-thinker and an individual within this modern world is unwanted and/or looked down upon.

Comply, conform and be like the rest of the people or be looked upon as a fool and or a madman. Be like the rest of us or be an outcast and be the target of ridicule. I say hogwash, hooey and the heck with what is supposed to be the norm and the fences they erected to contain our thoughts and potential as a human being. I am going to be me even if that means being an outcast or that I wont belong to what they call the norm. It was freethinkers and dreamers that have changed the course of this human race a many of times. Some brought peace and others have brought us to a better understanding of the world around us. Several great freethinkers and dreamers even helped create this great nation I live in, the United States.

So one can either follow and be a part of the normal and constrained majority of the modern world or one can be a dreamer, freethinker and free spirit who helps change the world if not just be the alarm clock for those who lay in a sleepless state or normalcy. Be yourself, be true to yourself and do not allow the modern world to hold back the  creative and unique spirit within you.

So what, I am not part of the norm, nor am I a popular person or successful by the measure that the modern world and society has created. I am myself and I am happy being whom I truly am within.

Peace,Freedom of thought and love to all.

Raymond Barbier


To make the changes needed in time to save our beautiful home called Earth.

editforlogo1b Toxic wastes being dumped and pumped into our precious world. Greed outweighs common sense and our sensibility. Our beloved planet and our beautiful home called earth is becoming our garbage can and eventually our graveyard. We only have one Earth and we should be responsible stewards of our beautiful home. Progress, greed and the lust for power seem to be in control as well as convenience instead of responsibility and compassion. The greedy keep the green technology too expensive for the average person to afford so that we will keep relying on their oil, coal and the utility companies to live our convenient and comfortable lives. Eventually the price for our comfort and conveniences will cost the future of our species and most if not all other living creatures on our precious world.

There is no easy answer in converting our carbon based world into a more green world, there will be winners and losers alike and for the greedy there is profit to be made. It is up to us the common folk to get the message out and to start the change to a greener lifestyle. Our future generations are counting on us and if we fail there may be a high price to pay for those who come after us. As we can see we can not count on the governments of the world or the big businesses to take the ecological problems seriously or to make the changes needed in time to save our beautiful home called Earth.

God gave us this beautiful planet and made us the stewards of it all. We should do what is right and not what is easier or more profitable.
Raymond Barbier.

I still consider Overland, Missouri my one true home

018  Just chilling in my computer chair, feeding my addictions and listening to music from days gone by. Reminiscing and reflecting on the 44 years I have spent on this pretty blue rock traveling through space. Thinking about friends I have lost and those I have found. The many places I have lived and the many memories I have of the people I knew. I just pray that those I done wrong can forgive me and those I did right will remember me. Too many years have passed since the days of my youth and the friends that I will never forget. The summers walking all over town. I guess that the saying that you can take a person out of their hometown but you can never take the hometown out of that person is true. For no matter where I live I still consider Overland, Missouri my one true home. No matter how much its changed and even the fact it has become quite dangerous still doesn’t take my love of it away. The schools, the streets, the people and the memories will never fade from my heart or mind.

Raymond Barbier

How The Web Killed SOPA and PIPA | TPM Idea Lab

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How The Web Killed SOPA and PIPA | TPM Idea Lab

Most of us are only one or two paychecks away from being homeless

015  Now that winter time is here it is time to start to think about those who are at high risk during cold and severe winter weather. Neighbors, relatives and friends that may be up in age that need to looked after during snowstorms. Simple things as getting them groceries and making sure they have adequate blankets as well as water. There is also the homeless that need warm clothing, food and blankets if not help finding a local shelter. The local shelters also need supplies including food to take care of those in need. Even if you have very little to give or you have a busy schedule you can afford to give a few minutes of your time or a few pieces of clothing you no longer need or want. You can always get your church or organization to start a food drive or campaign to aid those in need. The least one can do is drop off a donation at a local church or non profit to help. Just remember most of us are only one or two paychecks away from being homeless so with that in mind help those that are.


May god bless you in This new year of 2012 and may you share the blessings with others.

Raymond Barbier

The spirit of giving and Acts of Love

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  Tis the season to be charitable, The spirit of giving has manifested itself in the form of layaway angels. Business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals have gone to Wal-Marts, k-marts and other store chains paying off the layaway balances for complete strangers. During this bad economy to see such generosity is a hopeful sign. Besides layaway Angels many churches have given away Holiday dinners and groceries to the unemployed to help those in need during this holiday season. This shows that the American spirit of giving and our sense of responsibility is still alive. Hopefully Both the layaway angels and the churches feeding the unemployed will inspire even more charitable acts and acts of love. I really would love to see this kind of compassion to continue throughout the year and not just during the holidays.

During this holiday season try to remember those less fortunate than yourself and try to put a little happiness in someone’s life.
Happy Holidays

Ray Barbier / Barbier Family Blog.

To Govern or to play Political Games?

IMG_1077 Too much politics and not enough creative thinking in congress, they rather focus on the differences between their political parties and the upcoming elections than on finding solutions to the problems at hand. The lack of the ability to compromise for the common good in congress wastes both the taxpayers money and time. The longer they play these political games the worse our nations problems will grow.  The congress seems too focused on the upcoming elections and their parties agendas that they can not find any true solutions to our national debt or the declining economy. Maybe if they would put as much effort into fixing the problems at hand as they do the propaganda and political spin they spew out to the media they might be able to work together to find a solution.

The immaturity the congress is displaying along with their inability to co-operate will not only allow our nation to slip into ruin but it also will tarnish this great nations global reputation. We are supposed to be a guiding light and the shining example for the world to follow, but how our government is in chaos due to the political games being played we will not be able to be such a guiding light. For a house that is divided upon itself surely will fall, so we need to get our house in order before it falls.

So congress, you can either keep playing your political games and bring this nation to its knees or work together and fix the problems at hand. The choice is solely yours to either govern or to play political games. Either way you will be responsible for the choices made as well as the results. For We the People have given you the power through the elections and now we place the responsibility upon your shoulders.

God Grant them the wisdom to see the error of their ways.
Raymond Barbier